Sunday/ Guernsey

We arrived into Guernsey early Sunday morning.  There is no way for the enormous cruise ship to dock at St.Peter’s Port on the east side of the island, so the ship stays outside the harbor at sea, and we are ‘tendered’ to shore and back with the ship’s tender boats.  We had to be back early at the ship since it’s a long way up to Cork in Ireland, and it’s going to be full steam ahead to make it there in time.

IMG_7388 sm
Where in the world is Willem? He is on Guernsey. It’s some 70 miles from the British coast, has been a British Crown dependency since 1204, but had to be liberated from Nazi Germany in May 1945.
Cobble stone streets and shops and stores at St.Peter’s Port on Guernsey. The residents refer to Britain as ‘The Island’ even they themselves are on a much smaller one !
IMG_9082 sm
Here is the tender boat, down at deck 5 on the water line. This one is fully loaded with passengers and about to depart. 
IMG_9135 sm
Here’s a food truck in front of a Mark & Spencer’s store. I am not sure if the truck used to be a real Citroen truck (the two chevron bars on the front grille).
IMG_9153 sm
On the way back to the ship from Guerney. The Princess Caribbean was built in 2004. It is a ‘grand class’ cruise ship with a capacity of about 3,600 passengers.

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