Saturday/ Fremont’s Solstice Parade

Fremont is a neighborhood here in Seattle that was originally a separate city, but annexed to Seattle in 1891.  Fremont bills itself as the ‘Center of the Universe’, and on the Saturday closest to the summer solstice each year, it hosts a ‘solstice parade’ that celebrates the sun.  The parade is ‘notorious’ – said King5 TV news tonight – for its naked bicyclists (but it did not show any of them even on the late night news).   Here are some of the pictures that I took today.

0IMG_8698 sm
Fremont Bridge is a double-leaf bascule bridge over the Lake Washington ship canal. In summer it opens an average of 35 times a day (it is only 9 m above the water), which makes it the most frequently opened drawbridge in the United States, says Wikipedia. We just made it across the bridge before the alarm sounded and the booms came down so that it could be drawn up.


1IMG_9033 sm
Here ‘s the start of the parade, the group promoting renewable energy.
2IMG_9028 sm
This white eagle (?) on stilts flaps her wings at the parade on-lookers.
4IMG_7257 sm
This is at the fair next to the parade : a clock made from dinnerware. That’s me in the striped shirt.
5IMG_7259 sm
Bryan and I walked back some way along Lake Union’s west side, and found this super-yacht called ‘Vibrant Curiosity’ moored right there. We looked it up on-line, and it belongs to German billionaire and screw manufacturer Reinhold Wuerth. It was built in 2009 for a reported US$100 million.
6IMG_7260 sm
Here’s a side view of the yacht. It’s 280 feet (85 m) long.
7IMG_7263 sm
Just a quickie snap shot that I took of the Buca di Beppo Italian restaurant’s neon sign on the way back.
3IMG_8831 sm
Look Ma, no clothes! Just body paint, he heh. There was a very large contingent of bicyclists this year.


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