Thursday/ quick check-in at the US Steel Tower

Pittsburgh map
Google Maps on my phone shows me howto  get to the US Steel Tower.
US Steel Building
The US Steel Tower in downtown Pittsburgh has 64 stories and was constructed in 1970.  
US Steel Building 3
jHere’s a close-up of the steps leading up to the main entrance of the US Steel Tower.
US Steel Building3
Here’s one of the main entrances.
Gulf Bldng
The beautiful art deco-style Gulf Tower is just a block away from the US Steel Tower. It was constructed in 1932 by the Gulf Oil Company.

My firm’s Pittsburgh office is located in the US Steel Tower in downtown Pittsburgh, so off I went this morning to get my notebook fixed up.  I found the building easily, but had to search for a parking garage close by.  Then – miraculously- a spot on the street just big enough for a Toyota Corolla opened up.  I was in luck : my rental car for the week happened to be one!   So I squeezed it into the parking spot, walked just a block or so, and went up to the 52nd floor of the US Steel Tower.  Jason the IT support guy snapped out the solid state hard drive out of my coffee-spilled machine, popped it into a new Lenovo T430 shell, and presto!  I was back in business.

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