Wednesday/ coffee spill disaster

coffee spillAlright, so the deepwater horizon oil spill it was not – just a major coffee spill all over my workhorse lenovo t430 notebook computer shortly after lunch.   i jumped up, turned the machine sideways so that the coffee drained off the keyboard, mopped it up with a towel, and went to the washroom and tried to dry it out further with the powerful dryers our office building has in.   one of the usb ports was wet inside, got that dried out, but i still don’t have a shift key. CAPS LOCK can get me uppercase characters, but i cannot get the symbols that i need to log onto my lotus notes e-mail.  lotus notes does not allow me to cut and paste from Word into the password field either.  other keys are sticky now.  got to use the keyboard.   so .. off i am tomorrow to the pittsburgh pwc office to get some help.  they tell me they can do a shell swap – just install this machine’s hard drive into a new shell.  that will make me very happy.

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