Wednesday/ Mayday mayhem

IMG_6566 sm
This sticker on the back of a parking sign here on 15th Ave in Seattle promotes the anarchists’ point of view (the faq stands for Frequently Asked Questions).

With Wednesday being May 1, there were street marches for workers’ rights and immigration reform here in Seattle.  Everything went OK but after 6 pm things turned ugly in downtown Seattle. Most of the marchers had dispersed by then, but a small group of self-described ‘anarchists’ started confronting the police, and damaged cars and windows by throwing rocks.  So some 17 people were arrested, and 8 police officers hurt – but mostly bumps and bruises.   My take? Hey, you’re not going to get an argument from me that we’re doing just fine with capitalism in the USA.  Capitalism is killing our morals and our future, argues Paul Farrell on the Wall Street Journal’s website Marketwatch :  We cannot put everything up for sale. The examples he mentions : “for-profit schools, hospitals, prisons/ outsourcing war to private contractors/ police forces by private guards, almost twice the number of public police officers/ drug companies’ aggressive marketing of prescription drugs directly to consumers, a practice prohibited in most other countries.”   But to think we can live in a society with almost no government, no laws and no police (libertarian socialism, which seems to me pretty close to what anarchists stand for) – that is just a pipe-dream.

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