Tuesday/ a long business day

I had to get up with the birds on Tuesday – at 5 am, to make sure I was ready for an important 6 am conference call.  But what was that noise outside? Light pellets of hail like we had the other day.  Amazing.  Anyway, let me jump in the shower and wash my face, I thought. The directors I talked to were in Chicago, I only had a 5-minute slot with prepared remarks, and I did not want to sound like I just rolled out of bed!  Conference call over with, I went back to catch another 30 minutes of sleep.  My stomach was still a little queasy from something I ate the night before,  but I had to head out to the Red Lion hotel in downtown Seattle.  It was the location of a rare event : my firm had most of the 400 or so of the Seattle team attend a whole afternoon workshop.  So I wanted to attend and see all the faces and meet lots of new people.  Done with the workshop, we could get refreshments and socialize, which I did as well.  To socialize is hard work for me, since it does not come quite naturally the way it does for that ‘business pro’ guy in the National Car commercial that mixes business with .. business.  Then it was time to catch the bus up the hill to kick back and make some dinner.  Yay!  I made it to the end of the day.

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