Sunday/ ‘mono no aware’

Sunday was another blue sky day here on Easter weekend, and I felt compelled to get out of the house on Sunday afternoon.  I walked down to the Japanese Garden and the Arboretum to check out the blossoms on the trees.

Mono no aware is a Japanese phrase associated with cherry blossoms.  It literally means ‘the pathos of things’, or could also be translated as ‘an empathy toward things’ or  ‘a sensitivity to ephemera’  (source: Wikipedia).  So it is a term for the awareness of the impermanance or the transience of things, and a gentle sadness or wistfulness at their passing.

IMG_8435 sm
The Japanese Garden that is located here in Seattle’s Arboretum on Sunday.  There is a cherry tree on the left of the pond ..
IMG_8427 sm
.. with these blossoms on.  The tree is a propagation from the Mt Fuji cherry tree planted by Japanese Crown Prince Akihito* in 1960, to celebrate the friendship between Japan and Seattle.
*Since 1989 he has been the reigning Emperor of Japan.
IMG_8456 sm
This is the foot path across from the Japanese Garden, leading into the rest of the Washington Park Arboretum.  I really don’t know what kind of trees those are with the spectacular white blossoms!


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