Monday/ it’s not blue – it’s baloney

Google Blue

I’m happy that April 1 has come and gone, so that all the technical tomfoolery is now out of the way.   Google released an April Fools video announcing ‘Google Blue’, a version of Google Mail that has been ‘years in the works’ (but it turns out all it does is be blue).   Some commentators point out they are probably poking fun at a version of Windows 8 called Windows Blue that’s slated for release later this year.  Google also offered a ‘Treasure’ mode of their maps and its new odor service called ‘Google Nose Beta’, with which you could search for odors or smells which would appear through your computer so that you could smell it.  On Sunday, Twitter announced it will no longer allow the use of vowels in tweets, and that users will have to buy them. (Not true).  Check out Joan Rivers’ creative response below. 2008-0241

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