Saturday/ visit to Fry’s electronic store

IMG_5974 sm
Here’s a friendly-feisty Bruce Lee figure that I was tempted to buy, but didn’t. 

I really, really need to replace my circa 2008 desktop computer from Dell and ran out to Fry’s electronic store on Saturday just to check out the merchandise, and see if there are any boxes on display I should also consider. And then all the other options, like go with Apple or Microsoft? (Microsoft. I think I have enough Apple devices with my iPad and iPhone and besides, I want to check out Windows 8).  Replace the 21″ flat panel screen with a touch screen?  I’m not sure about that for a desktop.  Will I really reach out and touch the screen in between typing and using the mouse?  I think I will replace the box first, and hang with my dumb screen for a while longer.

IMG_5975 sm
One of the computer screen wall paper options for Windows 8 computers  : a combination of Space Needle, Mount Rainier and .. what’s that? a sun? a double sun, reflecting off of the hill top?  We have to hang in there in Seattle to get more than a few days of continuous sun here .. it’s not yet time for that.

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