Sunday/ the new Husky stadium

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The Seattle University’s mascot is a husky. (This little fella looks a little forlorn .. aww).
The new stadium will have cost $250 mil. when construction is complete. I suppose those $500 season tickets and donations will help pay down the tab.  That’s Lake Washington behind the stadium. (Picture from the website

[Correction made to original post .. the husky mascot is from the University of Washington of course – not from Seattle University! thanks Dale!] 

The husky dog mascot is from the University Bookstore on University Way in Seattle’s University District (of course).  (The University of Washington is one of the top public universities in he country, with a student population of 35,000).  The university’s new football stadium is still under construction, its opening some 6 months away. The bookstore is probably mundane for students coming here for textbooks, but for the occasional visitor (me), it is quite a treat to look at the large and varied selection of books (it has much, much more on display than just textbooks).

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  1. Willem, I think you may be mixing up the University of Washington (enrollment about 35,000) with Seattle University (enrollment 6300). Dale C

    1. Thanks for the correction, Dale! (red face here) Yes, I got them mixed up. The husky is the mascot for U-dub. Seattle U is the one we have right here in Capitol Hill.

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