Saturday/ spring forward

The website is making the case for eliminating Daylight Savings Time altogether. From the website : ‘Stop “Spring Forward, Fall Back. Pick a Time, and Stick with It!’

We have sprung forward in time here in the USA last night at 2 am. My iPhone, iPad and computers are up to the task to recognize that, but I have a lot of clocks in the house that are still disconnected and oblivious to such arbitrary disconnections in time-keeping.  So I have to jump in and set their little hands (or digits) forward to reflect the correct time.  Daylight Savings Time is now active for such a long time (eight months, until Nov 3) that we might as well pick one time and stick with it.  That is the case that the web site is making.

Clocks sm
A round-up of the clocks I found in my house (more are hiding in drawers and dressers but I let them be). Clock-wise (pun intended) from top-left : wrist watch and iPhone, home phone, thermostat, oven, guest room alarm clock, desktop computer, Toyota Camry clock, alarm clock, microwave oven clock, TV, bathroom clock, kitchen clock.
iPad Clock sm
As the world turns .. the ‘World Clock’ on my iPad gives the times and weather at a glance.


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