Wednesday/ the World Puzzle Championships

Pronounce Krall-yay-vi-tsa is a harbor town with an island called Krk (yes, no vowels!) across from it in the Mediterranean.  The WSC stands for the World Sodoku Championship which was held just before the WPC.
The puzzle solvers hard at work.  The event is not really suited for television, but this year’s event will take place in Beijing, and maybe China’s CCTV can find a way to make it interesting for viewers. 
2008-0205 sm
Here is the Loop Splitter puzzle .. 

I knew there was a World Scrabble Championship, but not a World Puzzle Championship. TIME magazine recently wrote about the 21st WPC (here is the URL .. the latest one was held October of last year in Croatia. (The East Europeans like their puzzles, but the American team did very well, with Thomas Snyder and Palmer Mebane placing second and third after the winner Ulrich Voigt, a German).  The instructions for the puzzles are very simple .. but the method to the madness needed to solve them, another matter.   One cannot solve the puzzles by brute force, since humans are not computers (and the puzzle solvers have none at hand).  So they have to come up with the  heuristics – the process or method – out to solve the problem.

2008-0201 sm
.. or some math for you? The colons should be division symbols, I believe.
2008-0204 sm
And a true puzzle to solve. I don’t think the solvers have scissors to cut out pieces of paper! They have to rotate the pieces at they draw them (or before? twist it in their minds?).


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