Tuesday/ broken side mirror

So .. how did this happen? (Broken rear view mirror on the IMG_5844 smdriver side of my venerable 1996 Toyota Camry Driving Machine).  Well, it really wasn’t my fault .. I had the car parked flush to the curb while I was at dinner on Friday night.  When we arrived back at the car, I noticed the damage.  The perpetrator left a note and a phone number on the windshield, though, explaining that she clipped the mirror while driving, and damaging it.  (Which I really appreciated.  It makes a big difference knowing it was an accident and the person is owning up to it, as opposed to me thinking it was a random act of vandalism). She will send me a check for the damage.  The Toyota garage is ordering a new mirror and housing.  There are only two such mirrors with metallic blue housings left in the country, said the spare parts guy.  Which makes me wonder what I would have done if there had been none.  The options would have been 1. Pick another color. (Maybe);  2. Go hunt in scrap yards for blue 1996 Toyota Camrys. (No); 3. Do nothing. (No);  4. Use it as an excuse to get a new car?  The straw that broke the camel’s back. (Maybe!).

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