Friday/ Chihuly Garden and Glass

The most recent exhibit or museum that has been added to Seattle Center at the Space Needle is the Chihuly Garden and Glass house.  Here is the website  Dale Chihuly (71) is a native of Tacoma and has made a career and business out of glass art.   I went to check out the exhibit with my friend Tony from Portland on Friday.

IMG_8059 sm
The Seattle Center area just north of Seattle’s downtown spans several city blocks.  Look for the Space Needle circle; the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit halls are at the foot of the Space Needle. The new Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation building is close by as well, but we ran out of time. I will have to go and look at it another day.


IMG_8069 SM
These glass ‘baskets’ were inspired by woven baskets and are on display in the Northwest room. Colorful versions of these are for sale in the museum store — but they are NOT CHEAP. One small basket I saw there went for $7,500.
IMG_8081 SM
This is the Persian Ceiling, a collection of colorful sea shell and sea anemones arranged on a glass ceiling.
IMG_8088 SM
This is the Mille Fiori* forest. *Italian for a thousand flowers.
IMG_8093 SM
More fantastical flowers and plants in the Mille Fiori forest.
IMG_8107 SM
A wooden boat colorful shapes and spheres, inspired by Ikebana said the description : the Japanese art of arranging flowers.
IMG_8111 SM
This is one of the chandeliers in the Chandelier room.
IMG_8126 sm
This is the Glass House, with glass flowers and a clear ceiling that looks up at the Space Needle.
IMG_8137 SM
The ‘garden’ outside has some out-of-this-world shapes and colors.
IMG_8150 sm
The outside view of the Glass house from the garden.

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