Thursday/ my new T430 is tops


The Lenovo Thinkpad T430 notebook has been available since July 2012

I have just gotten a brand spanking new notebook computer for work : a Lenovo T430, an upgrade from my T420.  It’s all black and all business with a 14″ screen – large enough for work but not so heavy that I cannot run with it to catch that connecting flight.  The keyboard on the new machine has gotten an engineering make-over as well. The T430 has ‘island style’ keys which have bigger flatter top surfaces.  The intention is to provide a larger ‘sweet spot’ for those with clumsy fingers (mine) that have never had formal touch-typing training.

Since the sides of the keys are no longer sloped on the T430 (on the right), there’s a sharper delineation between keys, making it easier to feel one’s way around and avoid adjacent key errors.


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