Wednesday/ and now there are four

Since I no longer travel to China – and will not for the foreseeable future – I had to make special arrangements to get this year’s ‘bearista’ bear issued by Starbucks.  The Chinese zodiac bears are only sold in China*.  So a colleague of mine that still traveled there got one on his last trip out, and put it in the mail for me when he got back to New York City. And there they are – four now – on my dining room table.

*Yes, they could be bought on Ebay, but most sellers cautioned that there might be delays at customs, and that the shipping would be expensive

IMG_5775 sm
The Starbucks ‘bearista’ bears from 2010 {Year of the Tiger), 2011 (Year of the Rabbit), 2012 (Year of the Dragon) and 2013 (Year of the Snake)

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