Saturday/ to Seattle via Chicago

IMG_5602 sm
7 a.m. at Pittsburgh airport. Our Being 737 is getting ready for the flight to Chicago. That’s a regional United Express jet across from us.
IMG_5608 sm
Approaching Chicago airport .. Lake Michigan has snow and ice around the edges.
IMG_5616 sm
Taxiing to the gate at Chicago’s O’Hare airport ..
IMG_5618 sm
.. and going from Concourse B to Concourse C with the underpass to catch my flight to Seattle.


It was an early morning for me! Got up at 4 am Eastern time for the 7 am Pittsburgh to Chicago flight. On the way there I took a wrong turn and swung by Pittsburgh downtown – instead of taking the more direct route to the airport.  The airport was very busy with check-in crowds even at 5.30am; it must have been all the travelers that could not get out on Friday.


There was still lots of snow on the ground in Chicago, but the runways at the airport were clear.   The ground crews are well-equipped to handle snow, though : about 20 trucks with snow plows were lined up on the side of the runway.

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