Friday/ jigger from the Giant Eagle

IMG_5574 sm
My rental car for the week was a Chevrolet Cruze.
IMG_5589 sm
This Fentimans orange juice ‘jigger’ is British, old chap. Very fancy and fermented, it tastes like an orange cider.  And a cute doggie on the bottle cap as well.
IMG_5591 sm
Yuengling is the local brewery, the oldest in the United States. But should I drink beer that a GOAT would drink as well ?
IMG_5593 sm
And a foo-foo offering from Anheuser-Busch, unheard of when I worked there in the 1990s : a Michelob Ultra with dragon fruit and peach.
IMG_5594 sm
I love this Czeh beer’s label. And stand back, all the upstarts – the label says the beer has been around since 1004. Whoah. More than a thousand years old.
IMG_5596 sm
How about the ‘Canine’ Winter’s Ale from the Flying Dog brewery? Its 7.4 % alcohol content will make you forget those sore muscles from a days skiing in no time.

It feels like I worked day and night this week, so I was happy to come back to the hotel and relax for just a little bit this afternoon.  The weather here was really not bad at all – not much came of the ‘wintry mix’.   I took my Chevy Cruze to the Giant Eagle (grocery store) for a dinner from their hot buffet, and then I strolled through the store’s vast beverage selection to check out the beers from all over the world.

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