Sunday/ arrived in Munich

S Bahn train at airport station
This is the S Bahn (suburban train) that took me from the airport to Ostbahnhof in the east of the city where my Marriott Courtyard hotel is.

I arrived in Munich early Sunday morning.  It is 32 F (0 C) outside, quite a change from the very muggy Johannesburg thunderstorm air we had when we boarded.   The customs clearance and baggage claim process in Munich took all of 15 mins – amazing, might have been the quickest ever for me.

Green refrigerator
This cool green refrigerator was right there at the baggage carousel, as a marketing/ advertising placement by the manufacturer.
Tintin's rocket?
This sure looks like Tintin’s rocket in Destination Moon. This is just outside Terminal 2 on the way to the train station.


Airbus A330-200 Twin Jet
Our South African Airbus A330-200 after we arrived from the terminal shuttle bus. I guess two engines suffice because we did not really fly over water. But the seats were very comfortable and the service was excellent.
Munich airport baggage carousel
Welcome in Munich, says the sign (obviously) .. the buildings are all from around Marienplatz, the old city town square.

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