Saturday/ Munich bound

I am back at Oliver Tambo International airport, to make my way back to Seattle .. but I will spend two nights in an extended stop-over in Munich before making the final leg of the flight home.

Oliver Tambo airport
There was a thunderstorm here at Oliver Tambo airport in Johannesburg, but the sky seem to be all clear now with beautiful pinks and blues.
IMG_4374 sm
Bead work art from the Out of Africa airport store.
IMG_4378 sm
I am sure these masks are ‘imports’ from central and west Africa. We don’t really have these in South Africa.
IMG_4377 sm
Hmm. How many monkeys on the sofa?  And will there be one more if I sit on it? 
IMG_4373 sm
These are a classic, carved giraffes also from the Out of Africa store.
Johannesburg to Munich
It’s 10 h 35 mins to Munich (the map should say Johannesburg to Munich, of course. A little glitch with the route map on the SAA web site).


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