Sunday/ the last of the Royals

Royal apricots, that is.  These are the last apricots of the season from the Montagu district, brought to us here in Stellenbosch by a family member.  Apricot trees are of the species Prunus armeniaca, which means they are a type of prune, and that they are believed to originate from Armenia (although I see some web sources say China).

IMG_4248 sm
The little royal apricots smiling up at me (and blushing?) from where we stored them in the coolness of the fridge to make them last just a little longer.
2005apricot production
Wikipedia says Turkey is far and away the country with the largest apricot production. (The dot in the east of the USA is a little misleading since almost all apricots in the USA are produced in California).  In Turkey they have a saying ‘the only thing better than this is an apricot in Damascus’, meaning ‘it doesn’t get any better than this’.


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