Saturday/ strawberries for the picking

IMG_4246 sm
Giant strawberry on the Mooiberge farm office building.
IMG_7327 sm
[Picture added 12/27] I stopped for a few pictures at the Mooiberge farm on Wednesday 12/26. Here is a strawberry field with lots of ‘scare crows’.
IMG_7330 sm
The main entrance to the Mooiberge farm stall is on the right. There is a restaurant as well now. on the left.
IMG_7329 sm
A ‘Men-In-Black’ insect sci-fi creature lounging against the tree.

One cannot miss the giant strawberries from the Mooiberge Farm Stall on the way from Stellenbosch to The Strand on the R44 road. They are in season here, and tourists can wander through the fields and pick them on Saturdays and Sundays, and pay by the kilogram.  I hope they go and check now and again if there’s still some left!  Meanwhile, CNN reported just today about strawberry plants in the southern town of Qaqoortoq in Greenland.  With the warming of the climate there, they are being tested there to see whether they will survive the harsh winter, and they seem to survive so far.  So quite possibly the Greenlanders will have strawberries of their own !

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