Tuesday/ Wall Avenue

This is on the way in to work on Monday, a little later than usual so the sun was just up high enough to color the sky above the snow-capped mountains a beautiful blue.  We’re in Ogden on Wall Avenue (with a strange familiar tone to it because of Wall Street?), one of the main north-south avenues.

‘Avenue’ also makes me think of the ‘classic’ Electric Light Orchestra song ‘The Way Life’s Meant To Be’ :
Well, I came a long way to be here today
And I left you so long on this avenue
And here I stand in the strangest land
Not knowing what to say or do
As I gaze around at these strangers in town
I guess the only stranger is me
And I wonder (yes, I wonder)
Yes, I wonder (oh, I wonder)
Is this the way life’s meant to be?

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