Thursday/ Seattle bound

The consultants have left the ‘salt mine’ in Salt Lake (City) for the week, so I am at the airport and about to board my 2 hr flight to Seattle.  It’s been a tough week with more all-day workshops, but we think we made a dent and in the words of the project manager ‘earned some respect’ from the workshop participants.  (Pictures were added Friday morning).

Krispy Kreme doughnuts for sale at the gate in Salt Lake City airport. We bought doughnuts from Walmart for Tuesday morning – not as good as the Krispy Kreme ones. Doughnuts are an American invention and have been around for more than a century!
And here is the flight path from Salt Lake City to Seattle (difficult to take a crisp picture with my cellphone!). The red lettering says Rocky Mountains (in Spanish).


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