Wednesday/ what to do with $550m?

Yes, the USA Today’s front page showing the $500 million Powerball lottery prize is already up to $550 million before the drawing tonight.  (It is the second largest lottery jackpot in United States history. In March, the Mega Millions prize was $656 million).  Here’s how Powerball works.  5 numbers are drawn from one drum with 59 white balls.  A 6th number is drawn from a separate drum with 39 red balls.  So what are the odds of your lottery ticket winning?  Well – it is 1/[(59x58x57x56x55/5!)x39] = 1 in 195,249,054.    The sale of lottery tickets is banned in the state of Utah, so we cannot join the frenzy and buy tickets here. Aww. Still, it’s nice to fantasize about winning and what one would do with more than half a billion dollars.  (Well, if Uncle Sam will get say, 50% in taxes.  Then taking the lump sum might reduce the remaining $250 million to say, $100 million.  Even so – a fortune by any measure).

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