Thursday/ Week #1: Done

This sign of a Sinclair* gas station with the cure brontosaurus logo is at the Country Corner stop in Ogden.  My colleague and I were filling up the rental car with gas before heading to the airport.  So! We have Week#1 of the project behind us. It took a lot out of all of us. For three days in a row we had 6 hrs of workshops, starting at 7 am sharp – connecting with a slow wireless connection to our SAP system half a continent away, and representatives from other sites across the USA dialing in on the phone.

*Sinclair Oil Corporation is based in Salt Lake City, founded in 1916. It is a fully integrated oil and gas company – meaning that it engages in the exploration, production, refinement and distribution of oil and gas.  It operates two refineries (in Wyoming), about 1,000 miles of pipeline, and some 2,700 gas stations.

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