Tuesday/ state route UT-39

[Picture from Wikipedia]. State route UT-39 runs from Ogden out to the Great Salt Lake and back.
Here’s the scenery next to UT-39 as we go back to Ogden on Monday afternoon.  The snow caps on the mountains are smaller than normal for this time of year.  The ski resorts are all open now, but most only has limited runs and are running their snow-making machines to get by until there is more snow.

We take state route UT-39 from the hotel in Ogden to the factory next to the Great Salt Lake where we are doing our project.  Utah is nicknamed the ‘Beehive State’, hence the beehive on the road signs.  And the name Utah is derived from the name of the Ute tribe, which means ‘people of the mountains’.  Speaking of mountains, it has not snowed much since I first arrived at the Salt Lake City airport two weeks ago.

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