Sunday/ under the spell of Spelltower

Here I am tracing out ‘MIOSES’ (plural of ‘constriction of the pupil of the eye’). I was a little lucky to make the word, one of those I vaguely thought existed, but had to look up the meaning of. But as in Scrabble, you only have to know that the word exists, not the meaning of it!
And here is a memorable Scrabble game I played against my iPad. I have to go all out to have a shot at winning. Typically the computer gets THREE seven letter words in a game, which is very hard to match !

Alright, so I never thought I’d find a word game to seriously challenge the fondness I have for Scrabble, but Spelltower does.  (Check out the video at  It is very addictive.  (‘A great time waster’ says one reviewer. Aw. Is that a way to compliment a game that makes you think hard?).  It reminds me of a little bit of the ’80s classic Tetris.  In Spelltower you cannot move the tiles around, but you can build words forwards, backwards and diagonally.  Any which way you can, as long as the letters are directly connected.

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