Saturday/ big buy at Sears

And what did I buy? Why, a new LG refrigerator. Yes, it’s a lot of money – but I cannot go on with my old fridge that has been repaired a few times before, and is again on the fritz.

Here’s the sleek and stylish fridge carrying the LG/Life’s Good brand that I went for.  It has a so-called French Door design which has the full-width freezer section at the bottom, and two ‘french doors’ at the top.
Sears will deliver the fridge in a few days and gave me this handy paper tape measure to ‘walk the path’ the new machine will have to follow to its place in the kitchen, to make sure the doors and openings are wide enough. (Sears should come up with a better tag line than ‘where it begins’ .. don’t you agree?).


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