Sunday/ Uwajimaya

Uwajimaya is a grocery store chain here in Seattle’s International District that carries Asian food and other specialty items. I happened to drive by and wanted to take a picture of the dragon on the lamp post – and ended up in the store’s parking lot.  Oh well, might as well go inside and buy a few items, I thought.

Here’s the dragon on the lamp post.
And another dragon inside with the store’s name.
I checked out the saké but did not buy any. I see Nigori means ‘unfiltered’ and ‘Genshu’ means undiluted, so this is a little more potent than wine (20% alcohol).
Fresh quail eggs from California? I didn’t buy any – had some of these in China (boiled as part of a ‘hot pot’ dinner) and they really tasted not much different from chicken eggs.


I learned in Hong Kong that Japan makes wonderful baumkucken (German layer cake – how did that come about, I wonder?) .. and lo and behold, I can buy some right here in Seattle.

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