Saturday/ safaris in Zimbabwe

The weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal reports that Zimbabwe’s economy is doing better, four years after they started pegging the Zim dollar to the US dollar, and with a coalition government in place.  ‘Zimbabwean safari guides are known as the best on the continent’ says the article that covers safaris in Hwange National Park.  Visitors get up close to elephants (presumably NOT to lions and leopards) on foot.   As for myself : I have vivid memories of the African safari experience from Botswana.  I will never forget the one time when I went for a short walk into the bush on my own (with no weapon).  As I approached a clump of bushes, the birds went quiet, and a sixth sense made me feel something was about to happen.  I felt the hairs on my neck stand up straight .. the next moment the bush exploded and a big buck crashed out of it, scaring the living. African. daylights. out of me.  Man! at the same time, what a relief it was!

Here’s the article, with a lioness facing an elephant. On her own she is no match for the elephant. But if there are four or five of them ..
The Hwange National Park is up by Victoria falls and the north eastern part of Botswana. My family and I went to an area called the Northern Tuli Game Reserve a dozen times when I grew up in South Africa.
Here is a picture from Botswana from, oh, 1988 or 1989. That’s my dad on the left, and me on the right (and two of my brothers and one’s girl friend).  The guys in front know every big tree and every bend in the dirt roads in the area.



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