The traveler is home

Everything after the Narita Express train ride to the airport went very well : picked up the stowed suitcase, get the luggage out of the way at the check-in, buying a last souvenir at the airport shops and stamps at the airport post office, and onto the plane.    It was 9 hrs to Seattle, and I got in on Saturday morning after leaving Tokyo on Saturday afternoon.

That’s me, waiting for the train. My car was actually number 6, though (there were people crowding the platform at the Car No 6 sign).
Stay out of the way! This is actually the front set of cars of the train arriving a few minutes before the departure time of 1.33 pm ..
The front set of cars is connected with the rear set of cars. It goes very quickly. I am not sure why the two sets of cars have to be combined at Tokyo station.
Inside the car on the way to the airport.
Street scene flashing by on the outskirts of Tokyo ..
.. and this looks like a Saturday morning ‘Little League’ baseball event.


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