Wednesday/ in Tokyo’s Ginza district

It’s been a long day of travel but I’m in the Marriott Courtyard in the Ginza district, ready to settle in and get some rest.  Narita airport was very, very busy.  It took 40 mins to get through customs and another 30 in line just to buy a ticket to Tokyo on the Narita Express.  I found a baggage storage facility at the airport that took the unwieldy one of my two big suitcases off my hands.  They will store it for me for $5 a day until I return to go on to Seattle : a lifesaver.   I cannot use the trains and the Tokyo subway with two big bags!

Here’s my Japanese lunch (naturally, since I am on All Nippon Airlines). They do offer a Western lunch, but then I would not have jellyfish salad (top left), orange fish eggs, pink-and-white lotus root, smoked eel and some other items I did not recognize!
A countryside scene that flashed by while we were on the Narita Express shinkansen (bullet train).
The white bullet had stopped at Tokyo station, and you have to get your get up and go. The train stops for only two minutes.
Eek! It’s going to be WARM tomorrow. That 34 C for Tokyo is 93 F.
Taxis in the Ginza district.
It’s Wednesday night, so the streets are not very busy. This is the Matsuya department store, glowing with pink lines.


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