Tuesday/ back to Hong Kong!

Yes, I know I was there just Sunday.  The van picked me at the Dameisha hotel today and brought me to the Hong Kong Marriott Skycity : making its way across the border, and the two bridges to Lantau island where the airport is.   I am making my way back to Seattle but stopping over for two days in Tokyo.  Might as well, I thought : it’s on the way, and I want to go check out the Skytree (tall antenna tower for digital transmissions, newly open to the public), and go to the Akhihabara electronics and toy store.  I love that store, bought a beautiful Seiko watch there a previous time (which I could have ordered on Amazon but hey! feels nice to say ‘I bought this in Tokyo’ and it brings the happy memories back).  I just think it’s going to be warm there, but I should be OK.  Not like I’m not used to warm humid weather coming from Hong Kong and Shenzhen !

Crossing into Hong Kong after a stop at the mainland border. I had to open my suitcases this time for a quick check by customs!
You have to be quick to catch this glimpse of Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong island : it lasts only a minute or so while crossing over to Lantau island.
And here is the backseat view of the suspension of the Tsing Ma Bridge to Lantau Island.


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