Sunday/ Hong Kong day trip

It was my last weekend for awhile here in the Hong Kong area.  So I felt I had to go there one more time to go to my favorite places and walk around.

This is the Shatoujiao Port crossing in the Yantian district. A little quicker than the Luohu crossing with fewer people, but one can only take a bus from here to Hong Kong on the other side – and depending on the bus schedule you could wait up to 45 mins for the next bus.
My timing turned out well : I waited only 5 mins for the next bus to depart. We’re now in Hong Kong and the high-rise buildings are starting to flash by. ‘Do not eat on the bus’ and ‘Fasten your Seat Belt’ says the signage in the window.
A ‘Find the Willem’ picture from the Staurbucks in iSquare in Tsim Tsa Tsui.
This is right next to the iSquare biulding, just a lot of colorful street signs. I think (I hope) the red banner sign with the shark on says that the store is NOT selling shark fin products.
This bus with the display advertisement that says ‘The Hilfigers Love Hong Kong/ on Nathan Road TST’ is ACTUALLY on Nathan Rd in Tsim Tsa Tsui as well !
This is in Central district. (I have no idea if real people actually aspire to buying Gucci clothes. I guess they do).
Bus in Central District decked out with a cure picture. I like the stethoscope .. but that syringe, ouch!
Now I’m heading back .. this is the classic industrial design of the Hung Hom train station roof. Lots of natural light comes in through the window panes in the wavy roof.
And here is another classic : the view as you walk out onto the plaza at Luohu station after arriving from Hong Kong, and you turn around. This is around 7 pm.


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