Saturday/ NHK TV news

I stayed in (the hotel) on Saturday to catch up with some work.  Here are some snaps I took from the newscast on the Japanese station NHK.

It’s the 15 month anniversary of the 3.11 earthquake-tsunami disaster (an odd anniversary to mark, for us in the West, is it not?).
Even NHK TV broke the news of US presidential candidate Romney’s pick for vice-president Paul Ryan BEFORE it was official. Paul Ryan is a congressman, 42 yrs old, a budget ‘hawk’ and a conservative Catholic.
This is one of the medal competitions in the women’s judo. The woman in blue is from Japan, but I could not track here name down. The little clip of their bout of judo was ferocious ..
.. but here is she in the studio for an interview, soft-spoken and gracious.
The Japan women’s soccer team had high hopes of repeating their win of the 2011 Women’s World Cup final over the USA, but fell short (lost 1-2 to the USA in the gold medal match) and was very disappointed.
And here is Japan’s medal count as of Saturday .. not bad at all, I would say.


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