Sunday/ back to Dameisha

After checking out of the Shangri-La, I knew I had to go directly back to Dameisha : the little beach resort town gets a crush of visitors from Shenzhen on summer weekends that makes for bad traffic jams.  A rainstorm on Sunday afternoon made the traffic situation even worse, but luckily I was in the Dameisha hotel by then.

The driver in the taxi cab across from ours buys a bottled drink from a street vendor at a traffic light.
I like the ‘auspicious’ turquoise color of this deluxe Wuzhulong bound bus!
We’re winding our way through the little port town of Yantian, trying to get around the traffic jam on the S30 freeway.
I’m in my Dameisha hotel room looking down at the main entrance.
And here are the gray colors of the rainstorm.  It is the view from my hotel room looking out over Da Peng Bay with Dameisha beach and the Dameisha beach tower on the left.


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