Saturday/ Shenzhen is hot and hazy

Here are Saturday’s pictures of being out and about in a very hot and hazy Shenzhen.  You can only walk outside for so long before it was almost necessary to go inside a shopping mall or store to get into some air-conditioned environment.  My colleague is new to Shenzhen and so we made the classic stops at the Shenzhen electronics market, the Civic Center plaza and concert hall, and finally went to the McCauly’s pub in Futian district to check out the expats and drink a beer.

Here is the view from my 10th floor room in the Shangri-La hotel towards the Hong Kong-mainland border. The green hill in the background is in Hong Kong. The Chinese building is the customs building.
Here is a map from inside the Luohu metro station. Its sister station across the border is called LoWu. The regional train station with trains to Guangzhou is right here as well.
This giant mechanical clock in located in the middle at the bottom of the first picture. The seconds hand sweeps around and around, so the on-lookers and those posing for a picture are about as close as they should get !
Scooters and high heels at the electronics market off Huaqiang Road, the main street with buildings that house vendors and stores from the Shenzhen electronics market.
This store sells iPhone and iPad covers, buttons, battery packs and related knick knacks.
This is inside the 10 story SEG building, each floor filled with cubicles or enclosed little stores that sell electronics components and products.
Just a colorful picture at a vendor’s cubicle that advertises a shoot-em-up game, that drew my attention.
These are little LED lights for sale.  They are used by hobbyists that build their own gadgets with electronic circuits and switches, and then the little light indicates an ON/ OFF or ACTIVE/ INACTIVE status.
This is the gigantic wavy roof on the Shenzhen museum viewed from the plaza that we emerged onto from the underground metro station called Civic Center. The kids in the foreground are roller blading.   
We’ve now gone up the steps and stand almost under the roof, and this is the view looking back. The sky was very hazy – I left the grays in this picture as the camera captured it (without auto-adjusting the colors with Photoshop).   The black item in the foreground in an umbrella.
Now looking back at the roof with the plaza on the other side. I adjusted the colors in this picture to make the red and yellow pillars stand out a little more.
These street musicians are doing a great job. I couldn’t understand a word, but they sang a beautiful song.
These golden beams that support a ‘spider web’ of rafters are from the lobby of the Shenzhen concert hall nearby.
This is the outside of the Shenzhen library. The photographer is using a gold reflector to light up (or warm up the colors) on his ‘subject’. He actually needs an assistant to hold the reflector at the right angle.
This is around 9pm on Saturday night and we have just emerged from the Shopping Park station in Futian district. The expat Irish pub/ watering hole called McCauly’s is right there.
And this is the night view of the Shangri-La hotel as I approached it after arriving at the Luohu train stop right there at the hotel.
There is a big mirror in the lobby of the Shangri-la hotel that allowed me to take a picture of myself.



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