Saturday/ arrived in the Pacific Northwest

It is turning into a long day : the 3 hrs to Seoul and 9 hours to Seattle disappeared into thin air.  I arrived in Seattle on Saturday 15 minutes ‘earlier’ than my Saturday departure time in Hong Kong.

This limerick in honor of Einsten’s Theory of Relativity has been around a long time, but it still makes me smile : There once was a girl named Bright/ Whose speed was much faster than light./ She set out one day/ In a relative way/And returned on the previous night.

Here’s the Hong Kong ground crew checking us out as we taxi by. My plane looks like the one on the right, Asiana Airlines.
This is looking back after 5 minutes or so. The brownish diamond shaped island is Lantau island, some of it reclaimed from the sea to build Hong Kong International Airport on.
And here is the roosting place of the skyblue Korean Air birds. We have just landed at Incheon airport in Seoul, and are taxiing toward the gate.


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