Thursday/ ask us anything

That’s what we told our audience after today’s presentation (a proposal for a new project).  We’re up against three firms with proposals. From what we could tell, it went well.  (The presentation was in Chinese, as were the questions from the audience, but they were translated for us).   It has been a hectic three days since Tuesday : three nights and in and out of three hotels.

This is Wednesday night’s hot pot dinner. You pick a hot pot (mine is mushroom, you also get ones with a fish base, hot and spicy base, beef, and so on). Then they bring all kinds of goodies to the table that you cook in your pot. It could be veggies, thinly sliced meat, or tofu.
On the way to the presentation. I’m in a taxi, checking out a different kind of taxi.
The presentation venue was a Thai-styled hotel. (The elephants are the tip-off that it’s Thai).
Done, and now we’re headed to Beijing airport. Check out the cool traditional architecture of the toll gate.
This is the new Terminal 3 at Beijing Capital airport. As you step into it, the ceiling patterns is very striking. Very nicely done.
And I loved this dragon from an airport gift shop. I wanted to take it home with me, but I had too much stuff to take care of already.
These are my other favorite type of Chinese art – made of an ancient type of colored glass called ‘iuli’. The prices are in yuan, so divide by about 6 to get to US dollar.
I’m on the way back to Shenzhen, sitting in an Air China plane similar to the one I see through the window.


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