Wednesday/ Beijing office

We sequestered ourselves in the Beijing office today to prepare for a big presentation tomorrow (Thursday).  It is for a new project.  The pictures are all from in and around the Beijing office.

This is the view from the office on the 26th floor across the street from the CCTV building catching the afternoon sun as it sets in the west.

The tall brown structure in the front is the Grand Millennium hotel where we stayed last night, very conveniently right across from the offices. (Yes, it’s grand inside. But the company has a special deal with the hotel).
The conference rooms are named after Chinese cities.
And I liked the colors on this series of giant Great Wall of China paintings.
This is an advertisement for ‘LongJoy’ Peking Duck. There are two or three very well established ‘brands’ of Peking Duck available in the city that is served up in restaurants and this is one of them. We had almost this exact same duck (just a different ‘brand’) on Tuesday night for dinner at a restaurant called Ba Dong.   The whole roasted duck is brought out to the table, and then carved and served like we do a Thanksgiving Turkey in the States.   I think what remains of the bones is used for making soup.


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