Saturday/ shopping in Shenzhen

Two colleagues and I took a taxi out to Shenzhen late morning for some shopping at Luohu Commercial Center and the Coco Park mall.  We encountered heavy traffic on the way back : it’s weekend and the Dameisha streets and beaches were overflowing with Shenzhen city-zens that wanted to enjoy the hot summer weather.

The concierge still hands us get-back-to-the-hotel-cards to hand to taxi drivers, which we appreciate! The writing at the top left says ‘Luohu Commercial Center’ and at the top right ‘Coco Park Shopping Mall’ : our two destinations in Shenzhen.
This is the Port of Luohu building with the Hong Kong-Shenzhen pedestrian border crossing inside. We’re about to go into the optometrist store to buy some glasses.
The optometrist store. Look for my reflection in one of the Oakley glasses’ lens. I just bought some reading glasses, but in a great titanium Ray Ban frame that feels very comfortable.
These are for Cat Woman! Check out the peace sign hidden in the engravings on the top.
We had lunch at a restaurant called Kitchen Futian; this is in the Futian district and the mall across the street is Coco Park.
This is from the Jusco department/ grocery store inside Coco Park. Not too hard to name all the world city landmarks on the coffee creamer lids, right?  I will help out with the Chinese one : the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.
This keg of German beer is filled with Veldensteiner. (We didn’t buy one!). ‘Brautradition im zeichen der burg’ translates to ‘Brewing tradition in the character of the castle’.
Now we’re headed back east out of the city to Dameisha.  Lot of tall apartment buildings, as in Hong Koog.
More interesting buildings. I don’t know the names of these.
I don’t know the name of this building, either. But I am sure those air-conditioners mounted on the outside are appreciated at this time of the year by the office workers!
Right about here is where we came to a complete standstill with all the traffic headed out to Dameisha. We already left the freeway and now attempted to use the coastal road marked ‘360’ to get to Dameisha. The road eventually opened up and it turned out to be the right call to leave the clogged freeway. We felt gave the driver a nice tip for his efforts (tipping is not expected and not the custom in China).


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