it’s Friday ..

Someone’s ‘happy clapper’ from work. You grab the orange handle and shake it up and down.
The front view of the Sheraton Dameisha. It has been raining on and off this week, but when the clouds give way the sky is a beautiful blue.

.. and that means some of our colleagues go back to Beijing and Shanghai – and those of us ‘left behind’ get to walk to the Dameisha Sheraton to make our bellies happy with a beer and a burger, or British-style fish and chips.   The lobby was quiet this time except for the band downstairs that we could hear.  They billed themselves as ‘Taste of Thai’ but nonetheless sang the John Denver classic ‘Country Roads (Take Me Home)’.  Aw.  For me it is one more week before I get to check up on my home and my friends, and the summer that Seattle has been having while I have been away.

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