Monday/ arrived

The pictures are from Johannesburg’s Oliver Tambo airport.
The airport stores are well-stocked with African handicraft and souvenir items, and seemed to be doing a brisk business even though it’s winter time and not the tourist season.

Our Airbus A340-300 was filled to capacity. The number 4 engine did not start properly, though, and we went back to the gate for a check-up.
Take your time, technicians, I thought .. make sure everything is A-OK. All was resolved after 30 minutes, and we were on our way.

This wire frame-and-beads Nelson Mandela is outside the ‘Out of Africa’ store that is filled with locally made handicraft and artwork.
It’s not too late to buy a bronze vuvuzela and go make some noise at the Euro 2012 soccer!
The stuffed monkeys must be vervet monkeys – they have black face with a white fringe of hair, and are overall grey.
This is the last few hours of the long flight out to Hong Kong from Johannesburg. We have just completed flying over Viet Nam.

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