Sunday/ at Cape Town airport

I am at Cape Town airport.  It’s a 2-hour hop to Johannesburg and then onto a direct flight of 13 hrs to Hong Kong from there.  I resisted buying any more Afrikaans books (already bought 4), t-shirts or bottles of South African olive oil that are shaped like Table Mountain !

Cape Town to Johannesburg is 2 hrs. Johannesburg to Hong Kong is 13 hrs.
I found the ‘donkey with pajamas’ (as we sometimes call zebra here in South Africa) at the lounge entrance. Zebras are good subjects for black-and-white pictures. 🙂
Check out the items on the South African Alphabet book’s cover.
Among others : Aardvark, Braai (barbecue), Koeksister (syrupy twisted doughnut), Leeu (lion), Mahem (crowned crane), Miskruier (dung beetle), Nelson Mandela, Protea (the national flower), Rondawel (Africa-style hut), Taxi (minibus taxi)
Olive oil in a bottle shaped like Table Mountain (on its side).

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