Sunday/ the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The Telegraph has compiled a cool interactive timeline of the 60 years since Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne, here

The decade when I made my entrance into the world shows a Pan Am 747.  I see decimalization of the currency in the UK occurred in 1971.  The penny farthing (¼ penny) bit the dust in this conversion, and the Pound became the Pound Sterling.  In South Africa a decimal currency was actually introduced 10 years earlier almost to the day, on 14 February 1961.  TWO South African Rand replaced one South African pound.

This 'logo' comes from the official Diamond Jubilee web site at



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  1. Hallo Willem, Nou moet ek gou skryf of jy is hier voor ek die brief klaar het. Net interessantheidshalwe, Hadida (ibis familie) wat hier in ons land volop is, is die naam van die straat waarin Legato geleë is. ons sien uit om jou weer te sien Liefde

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