Monday/ the K computer is a beast

NHK World TV had a documentary on Sunday night, reporting that the world’s fastest supercomputer in the city of Kobe is nearing completion. It is called the K computer. The water-cooled beast has more than 80,000 nodes and consumes 13 MW of electricity.  That’s enough power for 10,000 homes.   It is the first machine to break 10 petaflops : 10 15  or 10 quadrillion calculations per second.   It used mostly for research – molecular modeling and finding matching molecules or genes for cancer treatments and the like.

The K computer is named for the Japanese word "kei" (京), meaning 10 quadrillion. It is made by Fujitsu.
The supercomputer is housed in a building located on Port Island, Kobe, in Hyogo Prefecture.
Numbers are crunched at 10 quadrillion floating point operations per second.
Here is IBM's Watson supercomputer trouncing two very smart humans on a special edition of Jeopardy.
Watson broke up the Jeopardy question into pieces and looked for matching words or patterns or connections in its vast database of connected information.
Here is a futuristic smartphone with an incoming phone call. Got to love the rotary dial phone symbol harking back to the days when you twirled that rotary dial with your fingers!
And here is the girl at the coffee shop meeting a new guy for real. The phone camera compares his face with the records in the database and automatically pulls up his digital profile information (from Facebook?). I hope she likes his ninja 'warrior' avatar !


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