Saturday/ Shenzhen’s Mix-C Mall

I had to get out of the hotel room for a bit on Saturday, and off to the Mix-C Mall in Shenzhen I went late afternoon, a 20 minute taxi ride.  I would have walked around more but it was raining when I emerged from the mall, and I decided to come back instead of waiting to see if it would clear up.

The staggered rooftops on the left is the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, and that's a Louis Vuitton store in front of it.
This is across from the Mix-C mall, at the base of the 384m (1260 ft) Shun Hing Square skyscraper. On the left is the top of the Kingkey 100 tower, the city's tallest skyscraper at 442 m (1,449 ft).
This is from the fancy grocery store in the mall : water with basil seeds. Soaked in water, the seeds become gelatinous, and are used in Asian drinks and desserts. The seeds have potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties. I just liked shaking the bottle and watching the seeds move around and then stop again, suspended in the water.
Here's a drink I can relate to much better : South African rooibos tea with the African elephant.
Cornflakes are 玉米片yù mǐ piàn in Chinese which seems to translate to 'little stones of husked rice splinters'. (Kellogg's rooster has gotten a really in-your-face look lately! That's NOT the rooster that was on MY cornflakes box when I was a kid !.
This is a display advertisement at the mall's Golden Harvest movie theater, inviting patrons to buy soda pop and pop corn. Movie tickets are ¥70 (US$11).
And here is my parting shot before stepping into the taxi. It wasn't raining very hard, but the shoppers were evidently not eager to get too wet !


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