Sunday/ hello Hong Kong

I think these flags on the Hong Kong side of the road after the Shatoujiao crossing have been put up for the Qingming Festval but I am not sure.
The Lion Rock tunnel is on the Kowloon side (the peninsula and not Hong Kong Island) and is near the Kowloon Tong station.

Our belated holiday weekend (the Qingming Festival or Tombsweeping Festival) has arrived.  We are all very happy – double happy – to get a break from the grind on the project.   The start-up went well, but it is always necessary to stick around for a few weeks to coach the new users and to work out any remaining  wrinkles with the new system.  So Sunday night finds me at my old haunt – the Marriott Courtyard – on Hong Kong Island.  I took a coach bus from the Shatoujiao border crossing to Kowloon Tong station, and from there a taxi to the Marriott on the western side of Hong Kong Island.

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