Wednesday/ winter cheer

On Wednesday night we had a beer and a burger/ a British fish-and-chips at the Sheraton Dameisha to bid a colleague good-bye that is leaving the project. (The project is nearing its completion for all of us anyway). The LED decorations are still in place outside the hotel, and add some cheer to the winter nights. The Water Sky Hotel across the street has a new white sign. Very nice, but I miss the old yellow neon tube one that it used to have. At least the warm red one for the Meisha hotel close by, is still in place!

A white LED sign replaced the old yellow neon sign on the Water Sky Hotel.
The Dameisha Sheraton at night.
I like the Tsing Tao beer bottle label. Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd. is one of the oldest beer producers in China, founded in 1903.
The Meisha Hotel still has its red neon sign.

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